Sting Control

Sting control is a service that we came up with a few years ago to help get rid of stinging pests that often invade homes and commercial premises. They include bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jacket and the list continues. Most of these insects have very painful stings that can result in excruciating pain and body reactions if you are allergic to them.

Our team has the skills and ability to get rid of this kind of pests safely and without compromising your safety or the current status of your home. Here are the reasons why you should seek this service from us.

wasp spraying

Insurance Cover

This is one of the main attributes that give us a higher cutting edge in the market. Most of the other pest control companies do not offer any insurance coverage to neither their personnel nor customers. We understand that the kinds of services that we offer pose high risk to both parties. As a result, we have networked with an internationally accredited insurance company that offers comprehensive coverage to all our personnel and clients. This means that you will not have to incur any extra expense if any unforeseen occurrence occurs during service delivery or as a result of our pest control services.

Fully Equipped Vans

We have invested millions of dollars in modern vans that are fully equipped with all the tools and equipment required to offer not only sting control service but also eradicate all other types of pests. With your permission, our personnel can inspect your home after dealing with the stinging pests to see if there are any other pests that need to be eliminated. More importantly, the vans are fitted with a GPRS system that guides our team to your location. However, this system sometimes fails during harsh weather conditions, and so it is imperative to provide an accurate address when you call. One of our customer care representatives will call you at least 24 hours prior to inform you that we will be coming.

Well Groomed Personnel

Our personnel are obliged to wear our official uniform that has a label so identifying them when they drive to your premises will not be a problem. In addition, they come with protective gear that they wear at all times to protect themselves from the pests during service delivery. It is also important to note that each personnel have identification badges that you can use to know their names and report in case of any unforeseen occurrence such as accident.

Can handle all Stinging Insects

Most people do not know the difference between the various stinging insects. That is however not a problem to us, as our team is trained to identify them even before spraying any pesticides. This greatly helps to increase the chances of our service delivering the expected results. We will come ready to handle anything and everything that could be causing havoc in your house or premises.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our sting control service and other pest control services that we offer. Quality and timely delivery is guaranteed.