Bird Control

Birds are some of the best God creation in the world. There are hundreds if not thousands of people who love spending time watching and taking pictures of them. Nevertheless, what do you do if you have an outdoor garden that is always invaded by birds? We are here to help you out of such kind of situations. Over the last seven years, we have been offer professional bird control services in commercial and residential areas. Out of 100 clients that we offer this service to, 99 of them are happy with how we do our work and promise to recommend us to their friends.

So, what makes us special? What makes out service stand out from the crowd? Professionalism, diligence, timely service delivery, use of safe methods, and the list is endless. Here are some of the methods that we use to control birds.

bird control

Air Insulated Open Wire Barrier

This is an electric barrier is very effective in prevent birds from landing or coming close to window ledges, columns, historical structures and other important structures that you might have in your landscape. Unlike other traditional methods, this one just prevents the birds from roosting or nesting around the controlled areas. The wire is of high quality and can last for up to 25 years as it is designed to withstand the harsh outdoor weather conditions. We have experts who have the ability to install the wire barrier as per the stipulated standards, so you do not have to worry about your safety. More importantly, we will come back after the initial installation to see if it is working.

Use of Control Nets

The nets are made from high quality stainless steel material. They provide a barrier that blocks all birds from the designated areas. In the past, we have helped install these nets around airports and business premises especially in offices that are surrounded by trees. One of the highlights of using this control method is that the net covers a large surface area and can last for decades. This is based on the fact that the stainless material does not rust nor develop stains.

Bird Wire

This is also referred to as bird control wire. We normally use it to prevent birds from perching on ledges and overhangs. Unlike the nets, this one is light in weight and the best can withstand harsh weather conditions including ice and snow.

Bird Slide

This is another ingenious way that was invented by one of our team members. As you can tell from the name, this is a slated barrier that is designed to hinder birds from roosting, nesting, or landing. It is an ideal choice for learning facilities and commercial premises.

Metal Long Legs

These ones are made from metal and work by distracting large bird species from landing on streetlights. Note that accumulation of bird droppings compromises the functionalism of the streetlights.

Contact us today for a professional installation of any of the above bird control equipment. Our services are very affordable and deliver the expected results.